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Motul 300V Le Mans 20W-60 Engine Oil 2L 110824

Motul 300V Le Mans 20W-60 Engine Oil 2L 110824

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Motul 300V Le Mans 20W-60 Engine Oil 2L 110824

Race engines, whether they are gasoline or diesel, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, and use injection (direct/indirect) or carburettors, are suitable for racing. For engines designed to function over a wide range of rpm and temperatures, specifically for race prepared engines.

All car engines designed specifically for racing, regardless of whether they use gasoline or diesel, and regardless of whether they are naturally aspirated or turbocharged, come equipped with either direct or indirect fuel injection, or they may use a carburettor.

For engines that are specifically prepared for racing, which operate under varied temperature and RPM conditions.

E85 Compatible 

  • Application: 300v - Competition
  • Engine Type: 4 Stroke
  • Product Type: 300v Motorsport Line
  • Quality: 100% Synthetic
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