Credit Card Policy

Paying by Credit Card?

We may ask you for additional information, this may include a photo of your license and credit card. This is verify you are the owner of the credit card. This is a once off request, any future orders using the same credit card and delivery details will not need to provide this information again.

Please note that we will only ship orders to the registered address of the credit card owner.

Why do you need this additional info?

We have been the target of credit card fraud in the past costing our business $1000’s of dollars. For this reason we have to be very careful with credit card transactions.

Why do you only ship to the credit card registered address?

In the event of a credit card charge back we have a better chance to prove to the bank that the charge was legitimate if it was shipped to the address of the credit card holder.

Don’t feel comfortable providing us this info?

It’s okay, there is 3 other payment options. Direct Deposit, PayPal, AfterPay Please note that if you are paying by Paypal the Paypal address must match the shipping address. 

What happens if we reject the credit card payment?

The credit card payment will be refunded back to your card in full and the order cancelled.