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Genuine Subaru Folding Container 20L - Black

Genuine Subaru Folding Container 20L - Black

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  • ■ Material: Plastic
  • ■ Size: [when assembled] 366 × 264 × 283mm [when folded] 366 × 264 × 81mm
  • ■ Capacity: 20.0L
  • ■ Weight: about 1.27kg
  • ■ Compression load: 4.51kN (460kgf)
  • ■ Storing load: Approximately 12-13 kg
  • ■ Country of origin/region: Japan

Notes on products
  • The photograph is an image. The product is one "foldable container 20L".
  • Compressive load indicates the load applied to the entire container, not the bottom strength.
  • The compression load value is a test measurement value and is not a guaranteed value for the product.
  • Use with a concentrated load or an eccentric load may cause deformation of the bottom of the product.
  • The storage load is a guide.
  • About the shade of the picture on the PC display and the shade of the real thing may look different. Please note.
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